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Cleveland Software Service Portal

our home spun customer relation manager

What is it?

Cleveland Software Service Portal is a custom support portal for our valued customers.

What does it do?

Provides support ticket submission and tracking for quotes, projects, bugs and any needed correspondance. You must be a current customer and have a unique id provided by our service department. This number is generated when an RFQ (request for quote) is submitted or a support inquiry is made.

Where can I get it?

Take a look in the app store by clicking the link below:

Need Support?

Already have the app? Click here to contact us for support.

App Privacy Policy

Cleveland Software takes privacy and data protection issues seriously. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle personally identifiable information collected from customers. This Privacy Policy covers Cleveland Software's treatment of personally identifiable information collected from customers (hereafter "customers" or "you"). We do gather, maintain and store personally identifiable user information from the Cleveland Software Sevice Portal Windows Store App. This information is stored in a SqlAzure database hosted by Microsoft in the East USA. This data is used soley to facilitate the operation and functionality of this app and the service provided by Cleveland Software to its customers. This app may or may not store your favorite badges and use the roaming functionality built into windows store but we our selves do not track or distribute your information.